• Mark Your Calendars!
    Date: TBD
    Join us for the 25th Annual (and FINAL)
    Masters Washers Tournament

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  • 2019 Masters Champion Dave Obringer!
    Five-Time Champion
  • 2018 Masters Champion Dave Obringer!
    It was a wet one!
  • 2017 Masters Champion Brian Funaki!
    Takes home his first Green Jacket
  • 2016 Masters Champion Dave Obringer!
    Takes home his third Green Jacket
  • 2015 Masters Champion Bruce Mason!
    He's back for his 8th (yes, eighth) Green Jacket
  • 2014 Masters Champion Miles Dunn!
    First Green Jacket for the Next Generation
  • 2013 Masters Champion David Annas!
    His second Green Jacket — both in torrential rain... checking the weather for 2014...

  • 2012 Masters Champion John Wood!
    His fourth Green Jacket after an 8-year hiatus

  • 2011 Masters Champion Dave O!
    Back-to-back wins for the Masters' Chairman

  • 2010 Masters Champion Dave O!

    It only took 15 years!

  • 2009 Masters Champion Bruce Mason

    His seventh green jacket!

  • 2008 Masters Champion David Annas

    Our first new champion since 2002!

  • 2007 Masters Champion Bruce Mason

    ...number six!

  • 2006 Masters Champion Bruce Mason

    Five championships and counting!

  • 2005 Masters Champion Rob Dembinski

    His third green jacket!

  • 2004 Masters Champion John Wood
    Our first champion to win three consecutive Masters tournaments!
  • Do you have what it takes to be a Masters Champion?

    Find out Saturday, May 18th!

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