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Starved for adequate storage, boating enthusiasts and fishermen have long taken advantage of the space beneath leaning posts to store large coolers.

Typically, the cooler must be removed from beneath the leaning post to allow the lid to sufficiently open. Using existing designs, storage access is often cumbersome, impractical, and in some cases unsafe.

Consider the limitations of common designs:

  • Rear leaning post bar: Boaters have to lift the heavy cooler over a leaning post bar for access.

  • Bungee cords looped through cooler handles: Boaters have the hassle of unstrapping the cooler for storage access. The cooler is slid from beneath the leaning post, often marring the deck surface in the process.

  • Fixed corner grips: The cooler is secure but cannot be easily moved. Cool-SlideTM requires fewer mounting locations than this technique.

In most instances, the lid cannot open far enough to allow access to the cooler contents. Additionally, when the cooler has been removed for access, rough seas can lead to a safety hazard. Other hazards come about when the seating platform is raised so the cooler can be accessed but the seat is then difficult to use when operating the boat.

Boat users need easy access to coolers in confined spaces—a smart, simple, safe, and strong storage solution.

Cool-SlideTM turns a storage pain into a pleasure through a simple yet innovative design. Cool-SlideTM uses a UV-resistant plastic platform secured to stainless-steel telescopic slides, which join the boat deck beneath the leaning post. A cooler rests on the platform using adjustable straps or corner grips, accommodating common cooler sizes such as 72- or 94-quart varieties.

Cool-SlideTM brings the following benefits to the boat owner:

Smart: Why have storage that is a hassle to access? Cool-SlideTM provides easy access to your cooler, making storage work for you. Deck panels located beneath the leaning post, which are covered in alternate designs, are easily accessed when using Cool-SlideTM. In addition, the cooler doubles as a seat when locked in the extended position.

Simple: Cool-SlideTM is simple to use—just unlock, pull out, and lock back. It is also simple to install—takes less than 15 minutes to install by a boat manufacturer, dealer, or existing boat owner at home. Automated designs are also available.

Safe: Robust locking in both stowed and access-friendly positions ensures that you and your stored items are safe and secure.

Strong: UV- and corrosion-resistant materials provide longevity in the marine environment, while underside supports and quality-engineered slide design and placement yields an extremely sturdy structure.

Cool-SlideTM Locking Mechanism

A double-secure locking system uses both a release lever and an optional locking pin. When encountering rough seas or during transport, the locking pin provides an added level of security. (A stowing slot for the pin is available when not in use.) For normal use, the release leaver is sufficient and the locking pin is not required. See the unlocking procedure below, which includes the optional locking pin.

locking mechanism in its locked position (including use of the optional locking pin)
To release for cooler access (when using optional locking pin),
remove pin...
Push lever up...
Slide lever back...
The Cool-SlideTM platform can now be slid forward for easy access to cooler contents.

Cool-SlideTM is a trademarked and patent-pending innovation owned by James Doubts, the inventor of both the Reel-JacketTM and the Carolina Bait TrayTM.

Having commercialized multiple innovations culminating in thousands of unit sales, Mr. Doubts has a proven eye for inventing solutions to unmet market needs.

The market feedback on Cool-SlideTM to date has been phenomenal. Every boat dealer and owner approached has asked when the product would be available for purchase.

Cool-SlideTM is an accessory applicable to any boat with an open, four-leg leaning post or comparable space on boats or other recreational vehicles. Leaning posts are common on center console, walk-around, and other boat designs.

Estimates suggest that Cool-SlideTM would apply to 20,000 new boats sold annually and well over 500,000 existing boats. This represents a significant market opportunity for a company with the right market channels to reach accessory distributors, boat makers, and dealers.

Cool-SlideTM is available for license. The licensee would be entitled to all invention designs, manufacturing know how, production quotations and channels, and market information to facilitate the commercialization of the invention.

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